What kind of music Ted was into?

Classical music. He wasn’t a big fan of music as it was. He probably listened to different stuff on the radio but classical was definitely his favorite and all different testimonies and reports only mention that genre.

Did Ted really killed over 100 people?

100 people doesn’t fit his timeline at all. Let’s not forget his killing timeframe is around 2 years and he jungled between his personal life, his studies/jobs as well as the murders. If you read A Visual Timeline you’ll get a good idea of what he was doing between murders. He lied a lot but I believe he was sincere in his confession to Polly Nelson here. Also, as Chris Mortensen mentioned, years after his abductions, Ted remembered every single detail for each murder confessed. I highly doubt that if he killed 100 people or more he would remember everything. Also, there’s not that many people believing the 100+, John Henry Browne who pretended Ted confessed everything to him, and Bob Keppel who loves to amplify the myth of Evil Ted, and the more is the better for him.

Did Ted painted his victims nails or washed their hair?

It’s one of the Bundy myths going around….There’s actually no proof it, as Ted never mentioned it. The only victim found with still fresh makeup was Melissa Smith. So he either did it or she did just before leaving her house. Her body was found rather quickly so it’s a possibility. According to A VIsual Timeline, Ted didn’t spent a lot of time with her (less than an hour between the killing and his call to Liz…).

Did Ted Ted murdered Susan Davis and Elizabeth Perry in 1969 ?

I don’t think he did it. A few minutes before his execution, when asked if he killed anyone in New Jersey, his answer was no :

The Warden : Ted, I have some inquiries from Illinois and New Jersey.
Ted : Okay. Well, let’s just deal with whatever is outstanding like that. I can say without any question that there is nothing that I was involved in in Illinois or New Jersey.He had no reason to lie when he already admitted to murders in other states that were unaccounted for.

Also, the MO doesn’t fit Ted. Both girls had stab wounds on their neck, and abdomen. The only time he used a knife was when he killed Kimberly Leach by slicing her throat.

Was Lonnie Trumbull Ted’s first victim ?

She’s a rumored victim. The MO fits the Chi Omega murders but not his early one. He was 19 at the time and hadn’t escalated to murder yet. He started with rape and tried to abduct a woman for the first time in 1969, but failed. He tried again in 1971. He actually struck a woman from behind this time but he ran away when she started screaming. The first time he admitted entering a woman’s house was in 1972, he tried to suffocate her but, again, ran away when she struggled.

Also, Popular belief is that he was working at the Safeway store close to Lisa Wick and Lonnie Trumbull’s apartment but he actually didn’t start working there before 1968, 2 years after the murders.

Did Ted keep any souvenirs from his victims?

He used to take polaroids of his victims but he got ride of them after the detectives searched his place at 565 First Ave. in Salt Lake City. One can think that if they had searched the cellar they would probably have found the polaroids as he probably kept them here given he was the only one to have access being the property manager.

What was Ted I.Q.?

Al Carlisle tested him in 1976 and he scored 120. Marilyn Feldman tested him again on September 10, 1986 and he scored 117 :

Marilyn Feldman gave Ted a psych test on September 10, 1986. She found Ted’s intellectual capacities were being seriously interfered with by emotional factors.

Was Ted really looking for victims with long hair parted in the middle as his ex?

No. He was always into college girls and if you look closer at his victims they were physically different (hair color, height, skinny, curvy. He wasn’t difficult as long as he considered her attractive ) and none of them looked like Diane. Ted himself laughed off this idea.

Did Ted really started killing because of Diane?

No. Ann Rule planted that theory that he started killing because of Diane and since then it’s often considered as a fact. But no, she had nothing to do with it. Like Bill Hagmaier said, Ted started killing psychologically when he was around 18/20 years old. He started to have sexual fantasies at an early age, then rape fantasies and finally murder fantasies until he finally acted on it. I firmly believe he would have killed with or without Diane in his life.

Who is Diana Weiner?

She was Bundy’s civil attorney while on death row and his only friend at the end. According to a few guards she was mostly a friend with “benefits”.

Art Nortman introduced them in 1986 when he was interviewing him on death row. He thought a female presence would help him relax. She quickly became his civil attorney, handling mostly prison stuff like disciplinary issues. As his attorney they had legal visits so they could be alone in the room. According to a member of executed today there’s report of Diana “ “flashing” Ted and another complaint about inappropriate back rubbing.” (confirmed by Kevin Sullivan, nothing sexual but a lot of inappropriate touching). With Bill Hagmaier she also helped Ted for his last will and he left all of his personal effects as well as $700 (what was left on his account).

Is it true that Ted told Dennis Couch that he tore off two of Georgann Hawkins’ front teeth with a wrench when she refused to undress for him?

No. They never talked about Georgeann Hawkins together.He was a Utah detective, and Georgeann was a Washington victim. Couch only had 90 minutes with Ted so they didn’t had time to go over everything and he was only interested in the Utah cases. They talked about Nancy Wilcox and Debra Kent. What Ted said about Hawkins is all in Keppel confessions.

I heard a story that ted was groomed by a ‘lady of the house’ in a high-school party and thats how he lost his virginity is this true?

Yes. He crashed at a friend’s house drunk and barely conscious. He was 22. From The Only Living Witness :

He was still a virgin too, and might have remained so indefinitely if sex had required him to make the first move. However, one night while away from Seattle on campaign business he drank himself into a near stupor at a GOP official’s house in eastern Washington. When Ted drank, he often got drunk. That night, he had to be taken to someone’s home to sleep it off. As he remembers that night, he was installed in a downstairs bedroom, only semi-conscious, when the lady of the house gently crawled into bed beside him, stripped him of his clothes and relieved him of his virginity. His role in the seduction was entirely passive.

Is it true that The Silence of the Lambs was inspired in part by Ted Bundy?

Yes. Thomas Harris based the different meetings between Clarice and Hannibal on Ted and Bob Keppel’s conversations about the Green River Killer. Also, Buffalo Bill used a cast on his arm as a bait to lure his victims.

Fun fact : Thomas Harris actually attended some parts of Ted’s Chi Omega trial and used it for Red Dragon.

Is it true that Ted was gang raped on death row?

No. The rumor was started by George R. Dekl (working for the prosecution) in his book, The Last Murder. He had nothing to support it though, only “he says, she says”. I don’t even see how it could have happened, given that they were locked up all day and allowed outside only a few hours a week and always under high surveillance.

The Last Murder is the only Bundy book alluding to it. I’ve read 99% of the books about Ted and no one talks about it. Being raped was one of Ted’s fears though, he was paranoid about it, even more so as his first year on death row wasn’t the easier but he then made some friends.