Prosecutor calls court, gets Ted Bundy

Theodore R. Bundy’s name may be known to 98 percent of the people living in Orlando, and the sight of his face on television and in newspapers is common. But the sound of his voice is something more mysterious, even to Assistant State Attorney William Vose.

Bundy answered Tuesday January 22, 1980 when Vose, who is not connected with the state’s current murder case against Bundy, dialed the number of the witness room. Or thought he did.

The man who picked up the phone said no, this was not the witness room but the room assigned to the Bundy defense team.

“Tell Ted to smile more,” joked Vose. “Who is this, anyway?”

“Bundy,” said the man on the other end.

“C’mon, who is this?” Vose said.

“Ted Bundy. This is Ted Bundy. Hold on a minute,” the voice said.

He put on defense attorney J. Victor Africano, who assured Vose it was, indeed, Bundy. – Tampa Bay Times

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