Ted Bundy and Prison Rules

While on death row, Ted Bundy mostly followed prison guidelines. According to Florida State Prison records obtained by The Orlando Sentinel, he did, however, disobeyed the rules a few times, which caused him his privileges, including visitation and outdoor exercise :

September 14, 1979 – A correctional officer saw several magazine pictures pasted on the walls of Bundy’s cell, a violation of prison rules. When the officer asked Bundy to remove them, he refused, saying : “The pictures are on the wall since I have no TV.” At a hearing the next month, Bundy pleaded not guilty to the violation, adding that he wanted “to brighten up” his cell. His exercise privileged were revoked for 30 days.

October 14, 1980 – An officer cleaning up food trays after lunch found Bundy’s tray with a hole burned in it. Bundy denied the charge. He had to pay 4$ for the tray and his privileges were revoked for 15 days.

February 02, 1983 – 2 officers found water flooding the cell block where Bundy and other inmates were housed. Bundy was charged with disorderly conduct after officials determined he caused the flooding by repeatedly flushing his toilet. Bundy pleaded not guilty. His privileges were revoked for 30 days.

July 18, 1984 – Officials doing a routine search of Bundy’s cell found that a cell bar had been sawed through. It was concealed with putty and paint. Bundy pleaded not guilty. Got his privileged revoked for 60 days.

November 04, 1986 – Bundy used profanity and refused to cooperate as officials tried to transfer him to a new cell. Bundy denied using profanity. His privileged were revoked for 15 days.

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