University of Washington Grades and University of Utah Application

Below are Ted Bundy’s Bachelor of Science with Distinction in Psychology Grades as well as his application to enter the University of Utah to study law.

Student Record Card

We can see details of his grades from Autumn 1966 to Spring 1972. The second part of the first document explains the different symbols :

  • A = Honor (4 points)
  • B = Good (3 points)
  • C = Medium (2 points)
  • D = Poor (1 point)
  • E = Fail or doing failing work at withdrawal (0 point)
  • PW = Withdrawn and passing after 15 calendar days
  • S = Passing for courses 500 and above
  • I = Incomplete

Interesting to note that he withdraw in the Winter of 1968. I also noticed a “IB” for Introduction to Physiology (Autumn 70) and a “IA” for Lab in Social Psych (Winter 72). Not sure what it means, but the I is apparently for Incomplete.

Ted graduated in September 1972 with 442 points.

The below document details his University of Puget Sound Grades (1965 – 1966).

University of Utah application including his Student Record Card. In the application he details all the schools he attended through the years as well as his different jobs. Interesting detail : When asked if he was married and if so, to give the name of the spouse and noted, “plan to be married in the summer 1974”, there’s little doubt he gave them Liz’ name. (see page 3 below).

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