Ask : I keep watching the last interview with Dobson and I’m wondering how many lies does Ted tell? Like do you know what’s the Truth and what’s just lies? Like that he had a good home and stuff.

Here’s my main problem with that interview : it’s heavily edited. James Dobson promised he’ll show everything but he cut off all the parts that didn’t fit his anti-pornography agenda. They were both using each other here. Ted actually never blamed pornography for his actions, he stated a few times otherwise (see here, here and here), but Dobson edited the interview and removed the parts that didn’t fit his propaganda anti-porn. To go back to your question, I haven’t watched the interview in a while but I don’t remember hearing a lot of lies from Ted’s part. The “good home” was what he always said, it’s his way to protect his family, he didn’t want the press over his mother or grandfather,…or accusing them of being the reason he ended up like this. Now, what he said about pornography itself isn’t a lie actually : it fueled his fantasies until it wasn’t enough and he needed more. He also told Bill Hagmaier that pornography and detective magazines inspired him for the way he would lay his victims to take polaroids pictures.

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