“I loved her so much it was destabilizing.”

“I loved her so much it was destabilizing. Liz had a child that she had to raise alone for a time. She was new, and this was a whole new dimension to living that I had never seen before. I felt such a strong love for her. But we didn’t have a lot of interests in common — Like, politics was something I don’t think we had in common. She liked to read a lot, I wasn’t into reading. I wasted a lot of time. And the other problems I would experience, like…not being able to make my genuine feelings for her come out, whether it’s fixing a special dinner or going out or bringing flowers or taking out the garbage, changing the sheets, or doing the laundry. On occasion I would experience this fit of, you know…guilt as it were, and I would vacuum, and I would straighten up and wash dishes or fix dinner or do something. The area where I really failed would be not opening up my whole life to her. Don’t know what I was hiding. Maybe I was just trying to preserve the, uh, Ted Bundy devil-may-care attractive bachelor image. I was terribly jealous of her. I used to agonize about losing her. I used to just torture myself. And I did a lot of dumb things.” – Ted Bundy about Liz

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