“That was the last straw!”

Al Carlisle : What were some of the things that caused a conflict between you [and Liz]? 
Ted Bundy : One of them was her ideas of how to raise a child. She had no firm idea of how to do it. My position was that a time out was the best solution when a girl showed disrespect toward her mother. Liz exploded on her daughter. She would grab her daughter and shake her. I was the object of their anger. I became insensitive to Liz. I began forgetting her birthday and not showing up for dinner when she expected me to be there. But we always came back together. 

Al Carlisle : Were there other things she did that made you angry? 
Ted Bundy : I think I may have blanked out things that I was angry about. However, there were no major things—nothing that lasted more than one day. However, there was one occasion when she had somebody over to her apartment. She was drunk and they had sex. I felt terribly hurt. I went home and sulked. My world was destroyed! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW! 
His statement was slow and firm. At this point, Ted went silent and stared into space. He was reliving the event. There was a dramatic change in his body language. His voice was stronger, he was very angry and, while his face was turned toward me, he looked beyond me. What I saw was a very hurt man. He had just finished telling me there was nothing major that made him angry with Liz. Now he reported an extremely emotional event. It appeared that this memory was one that he couldn’t suppress and, once it came into his mind, couldn’t avoid talking about. After several seconds he regained his composure. He looked at me and said, But we got back together and we both cried. That was the only time she was unfaithful. As it turned out, it wasn’t the only time she showed an interest in another man. –  A Violent Mind by Al Carlisle

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