So I just read a Ted Bundy post (not yours) about him possibly being gay? A book by Duffus? Do you have any more information or thoughts on this? I’m just thinking no way in hell??? There’s nothing wrong with it-but I just don’t think Ted was…

Not gonna lie, I own the book but never read it (I will though) but from what I read about it, Duffus started to correspond with Bobby Lewis, Ted’s friend on death row and Bobby supposedly acted as intermediary between Ted and Duffus which in itself doesn’t make sense as if Ted was interested in corresponding with him, he would write himself. The whole thing sounded more like a joke on Bobby’s part than anything else. Was Ted involved at all in the scheme? Who knows. Anyway, I need to read it to have my own opinion on it! 

About Ted being gay, it’s actually an obsession for some people, and believe it or not, even detectives who worked the case! One of them (can’t remember the name right now) asked people who knew him if he was gay. Also, I recently found this in the police files which is a real reach :


But no, from everything we knows about him, he wasn’t gay. I’d like to know why people are obsessed with it though?

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