Imagine if Bundy had succeeded in having Millard Farmer as his lawyer.

The following example was at the time of a trial of a capital murder case in Georgia. Millard Farmer addressed his client by his first name, George, but when the prosecution also addressed him by his first name, Farmer objected. He kept interrupting both the judge and the prosecutor.


Judge : Overruled. Now, don’t make that objection again. You have a continuing objection. I mean about the calling him by the name of George.

Farmer : Your Honor, do you object to me calling you Elie? (The Judge’s first name).

Judge : Mr. Farmer, do not ask the Court any such question as that. That is a direct confront of the Court of its authority. If you do that again I will consider it as a contempt of this Court.

Farmer : What, Your Honor, may I ask the Court. I want to inquire….

Judge : You are to be quiet at this point and we’re going to proceed with the cross examination.

Farmer : When may I make an objection?

Judge : Are you going to allow us to proceed with the cross examination of this witness?

Farmer : Your Honor, I feel like in representing my client…

The Judge found him in contempt of Court and Farmer was jailed for 24 hours. He was jailed again for 3 days only a week later.

The above exchange can be found in “The Last Murder” by George R. Deckle, Sr.

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