Ted Bundy’s Various Jobs

High School : Lawn Cutting Company with three other boys.

June/September 1965 : Worked at Tacoma City Light as a forklift operator.

September 1967 – Works at the Seattle Yacht Club as a busboy. He was fired after 6 weeks for stealing food. I’m a little confused about that one as Mrs. Ferris ( pastry chef at the Seattle Yacht Club that Ted befriended) stated that he was fired after only 6 weeks, Ann Rule said that job lasted 6 months and A Visual Timeline said he parked cars at the Seattle Yacht Club and left in January 1968. I need to look further into it, but 6 months makes more sense.

Edit : According to the police files, he left on January 13, 1968, which means he worked there 4 months.

March 1968 : Works at the Olympic Hotel, in Seattle. He was fired for stealing from lockers.

April 12/July 26, 1968 : Works at Queen Anne Safeway in Seattle as a stocker. According to Mrs. Ferris : « I helped him get a job at Safeway for a short while and he just quit, not even going back to work to tell them he was leaving. »

September 1968 : Driver for Art Fletcher, a Republican nominee for lieutenant governor.

September/November 1968 : Works in a Seattle shoes store.

May 1969 : Works at Export Pacific, a lumber mill in Tacoma.

September 1969/May 1970 : Works for Attorney Messenger and Process Service, Seattle.He was a file clerk and courier. He was fired in May 1970 for unjustified absences (he claimed that he was baby-sitting Liz’s daughter).

June 05, 1970/December 31, 1971 : Delivery driver for Pedline Supply Company, a family-owned medical supply company. He was once caught stealing a photograph from a doctor’s office but got off with a simple lecture. He quit when the company moved their office to another part of town.

September 1971 until May 1972 : Work one night a week at the Seattle Crisis Clinic with Ann Rule.

June/September 1972 : Internship as a counselor at Harborview Mental Health Center in Seattle.

September/November 1972 : Works for Governor Dan Evans’ re-election campaign.

November 1972/April 1973 : Worked at the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission. He helped draft the state’s new hitchhiking law and wrote a rape‐prevention pamphlet for women.

September 1972 /January 1973 – Law & Justice Planning in Seattle.

February/April 30, 1973 – King County Program Planning.

September 1973 : Assistant to the Washington State Republican chairman.

May 03, 1974/August 28,  1974 : Department of Emergency Services, Olympia. (cf resignation note)

June/July 1975 : Night manager in charge of Bailiff Hall, University of Utah. Fired for showing up drunk.

July/August 1975 : Part-time security guard at the University of Utah. Job terminated due to budget cut.

September/October 1975 : Part of the custodial staff in plant operation at the University of Utah. Job terminated when he was jailed at the Salt Lake County Jail.

Occupations listed by The Multiagency Investigative Team Report :


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