Hi! Love your blog! Didn’t ted and a few other inmates try to spy on girls in prison or something like that? I felt like I read out it somewhere but maybe it could’ve been about someone else

Yes, it’s from Conversations with a Killer. There’s no way to check the veracity of this account, but it makes an “interesting” story :

“On one occasion — I think it was a Saturday — they had these two juveniles runaways, females, who they put in the women’s cell. These girls were saying things like, ‘Hey guys, let’s get together.’ They were really precocious. One was semi-attractive, the other somewhat obese. I imagine they were somewhere between fifteen and eighteen.

« There was an old jailer on duty that night, so we decided to see what could be done. If we’d have had a set of keys, there’s no question that we would’ve gotten it on.

« I took the initiative. I said, ‘Hey baby, what’s happenin’? We think you’re terrific. How about gettin’ together?’ This was through the wall. The other guys were just listening in.

« The door to the girls’ cell had a window with a grating you could look through. So we sneaked around and I said, ‘Well, you girls are good-looking. Let see what you’ve got!’

« This went on for some time. The excitement was mounting and they were getting into it too, right? We told them that later on the guard would fall asleep and we’d be able to get his keys and get in there with ‘em. They said, ‘Really? Really?’ This could not have happened, of course.

Just part of the little game we were playing.

« So bit by bit, I first convinced them to shed their tops — and then their bottoms. They were parading around and dancing and being coy, okay?

There were three of us at the little window, the grate we were peeping through, but only one person could look in at a time. Now, the final revelation here was going to be when we got em to shed their panties.

I hadn’t seen a real woman in the altogether since February 28, 1976, when Liz and I last slept together. So I can’t be held accountable for my motivations being purely perverse and voyeuristic at this point. I mean, I wanted to see a real live woman in the flesh!

Well, they were edging their panties down slowly… when we heard the rattle of doors we all scampered back to the trustees’ cell. And immediately, I hear the call: ‘Bundy! The Pitkin County deputies are here to pick you up and take you to Aspen.’

And I cursed, ‘The sonuvabitches! The sonuvabithces!’ I was so pissed off!

It was two or three days later when I returned that I learned that the other guys had consummated this stripping act. And, you know, it is not wholly inconceivable — given the fact that the jailer was a nice, kindly old man — that I might have slipped the keys away from him. I was thinking of it; I really was.

The sight of this one particularly attractive , fresh, firm young nymphet was just fantastic! And I’m sure that if we would have gotten in there, they would have gotten into it. Of course, they were minors and all I needed was a charge of statutory rape — or rape of any kind. Whatever. What we got was a little peep show. »

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