“At some point, you’re going to have to choose. Liz loves you. She’s
stood by you when the going is rough, when you don’t have any money.
You say that Diane’s family makes you feel poor, as if you don’t
fit in. It might be that Liz’s real, and Diane’s a dream. I guess
the real test is-how would you feel if you didn’t have Liz? What would
you do if you knew she had someone else, if you found her with another
I did once. It’s funny you should bring it up, because it just made
me wild. We’d had a fight, and I saw some guy’s car parked outside her
apartment. I raced around the alley and stood up on a garbage can to
look in the window. The sweat was just pouring off me and I was like
a crazy man. I couldn’t stand to think of Liz with another man. I couldn’t
believe the effect it had on me …

He shook his head, bemused by the violence of his jealousy.
“Then maybe you care more about Liz than you realize.”
“That’s the problem. One day I think I want to stay here, marry Liz,
help bring Tina up, have more children-that’s what Liz wants. Sometimes
it seems like that’s all I want But I don’t have any money. I won’t
have any money for a long time. And I can’t see myself being tied down
to a life like that just when I’m getting started. And then I think
about Diane, and the life I could have with her. I want that too. I’ve never been rich, and I want to be. But how can I say ‘thanks a lot and goodbye’ to Liz?”
The phones rang then, and we left the problem in midair. Ted’s turmoil
didn’t seem that bizarre or desperate for a man of twenty-four; in fact,
it seemed quite normal. He had some maturing to do. When he did, I thought
he would probably make the right decision. – The Stranger Beside Me

Anne Rule, The Stranger Beside Me

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