How did they know Ted kept victims heads in his apartment?

For his victims heads, he confessed to Bill Hagmaier that he did severed a few heads.  Hagmaier said Ted also told him he kept heads in his apartment but there’s no transcript or tape to support it, it’s only hearsay. You can listen to the audio of Ted talking about severing heads here (the 1989 tape) :

Bill : I am not sure how many, but you opted to sever the heads from the victims and, how many was that do you recall of thirty?

Ted : Oh, that’s

Bill : I realize it’s a difficult question because you are a different person now than you were then. But to search back and

Ted : Oh perhaps half a dozen.

Bill : So approximately twelve of the thirty had their heads severed. Were there any other body parts severed?

Ted : Again, it was extremely rare and it was not, it was not. I know with some people I have heard it is their kind of signature but it was not something like that for me, but in those occasions when it occurred it was almost, outside of those couple of occasions, I was sort of frenzied, lashing out, it was more of an attempt to transport, conceal, uh, their remains more than anything else.

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