Chi Omega Trial Fun Facts :

  • Another man confessed to the Chi Omega murders : Howard Anderson took his life after sending a letter confessing to the murders. The letter received by Sheriff Ken Katsaris contained admissions and a few details of the crime not revealed to the press.
  • Bundy decided to be his own lawyer after his multiple requests to have Millard Farmer to represent him were denied.
  • Before the trial a survey was conducted to find out if Bundy could have a fair trial : 88.3% gave the name of Theodore Bundy when asked about the Chi Omega case and 71.4% believed he was involved in some way in the Chi Omega murders. Following that survey, Bundy’s trial was moved to Miami.
  • Emanuel Tanay, who conducted a psychological examination and thought Bundy wasn’t fit to stand trial wanted to take the stand to share his testimony about Bundy’s mental state but it was ruled unnecessary.
  • Carol DaRonch was set to testify at the trial but both the prosecution and the defense decided a simple reading of the facts was enough.
  • His prison’s escape was never mentioned during the trial.
  • Bundy’s lawyer, Robert Haggard, resigned before the end of the trial, and Ed Harvey tried to withdraw from the case as well because he believed Bundy suffered a « debilitating…mental disorder. » Judge Edward Cowart refused Harvey’s resignation.
  • Bundy’s only worry during his trial was about his mother, « She’s stood up very well, but I worry about her all the time. »
  • The trial was delayed twice by illness in just one week : once because a member of the jury came down with a cold and a second time when Bundy caught a virus. From the words of Judge Edward Cowart : « It’s a typical Friday the 13th. But if any other counsel feels ill, let me know, I’ve got a square needle at home and I’d like to use it.»
  • When a defense attorney complained about Cowart holding night sessions to keep the trial on schedule, he adjusted his glasses and replied : « Every minute you’ve been here, I’ve been here, and I’m fresh as a daisy. »
  • Nita Neary was considered the star witness of the trial but her identification of Bundy only occurred 3 months after the murder and she failed to recognize him when she was first showed a picture. Hypnotist Julian Arroyo put her in a trance to help her remember. She, again, couldn’t picture Bundy but under hypnosis she described and named « Ronnie Eng», who waited on tables at the Sorority House and was later eliminated as a suspect after he passed a polygraph test. 3 months later she eventually pointed at Ted Bundy’s picture from the photographic lineup.
  • The prosecution called 3 dental experts during the trial and they all agreed about similarities between the bite marks on Miss Levy’s buttocks and models of Bundy’s teeth.
  • An expert said that the hair found in a pantyhose mask at Cheryl Thomas’ apartment was likely Bundy’s.
  • One of the jurors wasn’t sure of Bundy’s guilt and admitted voting for his conviction because of the pressure from other members of the jury. She later retracted her comments. 
  • The jury wasn’t impressed by Nita Neary’s testimony but were convinced by the bite mark evidence.
  • Bundy’s words to Judge Edward Cowart at the end of the trial : « You have shown concern, humor, anger, sometimes a short temper and tolerance. But behind all that robe, you’re still a human being. »

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