« A psychopath for me is a description, not an explanation. I think of course Ted wanted people to believe he was a good guy, but I honestly believe he did want to be a good person.

I think when you look at the girlfriends he had and such…consider Diane for example, the girl who dated him when he was sophomore in college. She terminated the relationship and she told me he fell apart.

I think Ted did not want to do what he was doing, but he was so addicted to it that he couldn’t stop. We talk about drug addiction, pornography addiction, but we don’t use the term ‘addiction’ when it comes to killing. Yet with serial killers you seem to have that. I think killing can become an addiction.

When a person gets addicted like he was, it’s not easy to give up. You have to fight it constantly, and that’s hard. » – Al Carlisle.

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