Ted Bundy’s trials attracted lots of women, but a certain Betty J. Hausler, who attended the Kimberly Leach in January 1980 wasn’t there for the same reasons. She had a 23 year old son, William Welty, who was also sitting on Death Row for murder. She believed both men needed help. Mrs. Hausler couldn’t attend the trial of her son but she drove 30 minutes every day to attends Ted Bundy’s in the hope to understand her son’s fate.

« I look at him [Ted], and I say to myself, ‘I know him, I know that boy’. Maybe I’m trying to punish myself listening to all this. I keep thinking I should have done something. Now I’m trying to understand about the law. It seem to me that boys like this need help from the law. That’s not what they get. I’m a good citizen. I believe in my country. I believed in justice. Now I wonder. Where is the justice in pretending that Bundy will get a fair trial when so much has been said about him? They say Bundy is smart enough to know better. Well, they told me my son had a superior IQ. It doesn’t matter if you’re intelligent when you’re emotionally disturbed. It’s not like he’s retarded, but something deep inside makes him cry out for someone to stop him. I think Ted Bundy may have been doing the same thing — I don’t know.

I don’t have the answers. I have doubts, like all those people on the jury who have been saying they believe in the death penalty. I think some of them want to be on that jury so they can burn Bundy. I used to be that way. If someone killed, I said, ‘Give him the chair.’

I don’t think my son, or Ted Bundy, or people like them should go free, but what good will it do to kill them? »

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