Ted Bundy was well-liked by many fellow death row inmates. James Doug McCray, who has been on death row for 14 years, and Bruno, who has been on death since October 1987 said they liked Bundy and enjoyed living in cells next to him. McCray lived next to Bundy for about two years, while Bruno was housed next to Bundy for six months.

Bruno said he and Bundy would play handball together in the prison exercise yard, and Bundy always was respectful to Bruno’s relatives when they came to visit. 

Although the inmates never discussed Bundy’s cases with him, McCray and Bruno said they were surprised to hear him confess to being a killer.

« I find it hard to believe — it’s not the same Ted Bundy, » Bruno said. « Even when he started confessing to all these things, I couldn’t believe it. »

McCray found Bundy to be witty and bright rather than the killer he confessed to be.

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