I received an ask recently about that moment in court and I finally found the story behind this meltdown. It happened on the same day as this one.

From the Tampa Tribune – Shortly after 10 a.m., on January 18, 1980, when Jopling turned down the defense request for more than the already allocated 20 free challenges then exhausted, Bundy also rose to his feet with an announcement :

« I’m leaving. This is a game and I won’t be a party to it, » he said striding toward a back door of the courtroom, « I’m not staying in this kind of Waterloo, you understand? » he said angrily to Jopling.

A bailiff grabbed him by the arm.

« Let go of me, » he shouted, never turning his eyes from a steady stare at the judge, even when he said: « We’re going to the holding cell. »

His face was red, his body rigid.

Jopling ordered a 15 minute recess, then called a secret hearing in his office.

When Bundy returned to the courtroom, with bailiffs surrounding him, he returned to the defense table. Bailiffs who had been seated behind him, remained standing for several minutes.

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