“You asked about my mood swings. I’m very aware of them myself. Maybe it’s not quite accurate to use the terme ‘mood swings,’ but it is hard for me to understand what happens. That is, to anticipate them or look back and try to determine some pattern. I’ve been able to make neither rhyme nor reason out of what happens.

It’s not dictated by the cycles of the moon or anything else that I’m aware of. And again, perhaps the phraseology ‘mood swings’ isn’t accurate. It’s just changes. It’s harder than hell to describe, but all I want to do is lay around.

I’m not motivated to do anything! I just consume huge volumes of time, really, without doing a thing.

I’m not particularly depressed. There’s just no momentum. There’s no desire to do anything. It’s just blaaaah! It cannot be characterized by depression or deep sadness.

I don’t dwell on sad things — but I sure as hell could! I don’t dwell on the heartache. I do well on the nicer things. Even in those lackadaisical periods, I’m capable of being genuinely cheerful and gregarious. At least for a limited period of time. Whatever the situation calls for. Then, just as quickly, I’ll slip back into the pattern of just vegetating.” – Ted Bundy, Conversations with a Killer

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