After Ted’s last escape, did he stay for any length of time in any place enroute to Florida or did he just travel straight there? Also I’ve read different versions of how he got to Florida- could you confirm the correct journey that he took please? 🚙 ✈ 🚉

I made a short summary here.

He made a few short stops on his way to Tallahassee :

When the soldier picked him up the first night he made it to Vail and spent the rest of the night at the Holiday Inn. (December 30/31)

Vail => Denver by Trailway bus. He took a flight to Chicago and then a train to Ann Harbor.

He stayed in Ann Arbor 4 days (that’s where he watched the Rose Bowl in a bar, shaved and got his hair cut). (January 01/04)

He stole a car and went to  Atlanta where he saw the movie The Sting at the Atlanta Omni Center. He finally took the bus to Tallahassee right after the movie. (January 6)

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