Bundy claimed an affinity for Volkswagen, Don Patchen testified, because they were economical and he could drive a long way on a little money. He seemed to get along on very little sleep, Bundy told the detective, sometimes only three hours a night on a regular basis, using the early morning hours to drive for miles and miles.

« Sometimes I feel like a vampire, » Patchen recalled him saying, « just driving all night long. » Ted also said he preferred VW’s because the seats would come out, and Steve Bodiford’s deposition contained the following word-for-word conversation :

« Well, why? » Bodiford inquired.

« Well, I can carry things easier that way. »

« You mean you can carry bodies easier that way? »

« Well, let’s just say I can carry cargo better that way. »

« That cargo you carried, was it sometimes damaged? »

« Sometimes it was damaged, sometimes it wasn’t. »

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