In January 1977, Ted Bundy arrived in Aspen, Colorado to stand trial for the murder of Caryn Campbell.

Bundy made an impression the moment he arrived at his new quarters, two floors below Lohr’s courtroom in the basement of the Pitkin County courthouse. Gee, thought Sheriff Dick Kienasr’s secretary as Ted was led through the open office and locked in his cell, he sure is a good-looking guy. I’ve danced with lots worse at the Paragon. Ted flashed a smile and nodded hello. He did look like someone whose mother had cared for him, another woman in the outer office said to herself. Louise Bundy had called the sheriff’s office the week before to find out what sort of accommodations were in store for Ted.

Sheriff Kienast, a chubby, benign ex-theology student, conferred with his deputy Don Davis about their new prisoner several days later.

« He’s smart, » said Davis, « and very observant. He’s making himself just as personable as can be to everyone around here. He’s fine, » Davis paused, « until he wants something. »

Davis recounted the fuss Ted had mounted when he was told he couldn’t keep shaving implements in his cell.

Kienast agreed and made it a point to remind everyone to watch the new tenant closely. But it was hard not to be charmed by Bundy’s ways. One afternoon, while Kienast and his secretary were lunching on a pizza, Bundy called out through the bars, « Hey, how about a little in here? After all, I am your star prisoner. » Kienast grinned and handed over the last piece. Law enforcement could be tough, the thinking in Aspen went, but still civilized. – The Killer Next Door by Steven Winn & David Merrill

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