Ted had two friends who supported him through his teenage years. He didn’t date until he was a senior in high school. He reported no strong successes in life until he volunteered to do campaign work for his friends in high school who ran for school offices, and as a result was invited to be with them on skiing activities. The acquisition of friends through his work on the student body elections helped him begin to come out of his shell. Skiing with his friends was exceptionally good for him because it allowed him to be one of the guys. I later learned that it was also a traumatic experience because after a day on the slopes his friends went to dances while Ted went back home—alone

Skiing was his main social activity at the time. He devised a way to forge counterfeit ski tickets so he and his friends would be able to save money when they went skiing. He bleached off letters from the old tickets and used a rubber stamp and colored stamp pads to create new ones. – Al Carlisle, Violent Mind 

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