My first impression of him was that he was good looking and he was charming. He took my daughter out a couple of times in November 1974 [coincidentally, around the same time of the attempted kidnapping of Carol DaRonch] and then he disappeared and I didn’t see him until the following spring. Then one day he dropped by my apartment on his bicycle, casually, like nothing had happened. 

In July of 1975, I put on a going away party for my daughter, Judy [pseudonym]. She was a good cook and she would circulate around and talk to all the guests. That night they stayed up all night. Ted got cozy with Judy’s friend Tasha [pseudonym]. When Judy went back east Bundy dated Tasha for about a week. Then all of a sudden nothing. It was just like with Judy. 

Tasha came up one night and said, “I don’t understand Bundy.” I said, “There’s something strange about him. You can never get close to that boy. He’s nice but he’s not warm.”

Tasha said she tried and tried to talk to him about his past and what his childhood was like but he never would. We tried to psych him out, wondering what in the world it was with him. Tasha said Ted would ride his bicycle around Murray Park a lot. That’s a long ways from his apartment. Tasha had gotten quite intimate with him. With both Tasha and Judy, they thought a relationship was beginning to develop and then after a few dates he just dropped out of sight. I’m a person who likes to put my arms around people and when I put my arms around Bundy he just wasn’t warm. – This testimony is from the mother of one of Ted Bundy’s friends who he frequented while living in Salt Lake City.

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