It seems like Ted’s mother only seemed to care after he was executed..

There’s some truth in it. Once Ted was arrested, the most recurring feedback from journalists or psychologists who met with Louise is that the most important thing to her was to preserve her family secrets. She just gave up. When Jim Coleman worked on Ted’s appeals to commute his death sentence to a life sentence she refused to help. In Coleman’s words : “Mrs. Bundy was singularly unhelpful. My impression was that she felt nothing would save Ted, so she was going to protect her family.” or Dr. Dorothy Lewis : “I really don’t think she cared.” Both tried to interview her to help the appeals process but came back with barely anything. Louise despised Dr. Lewis because of her testimony to one of the last appeal, even though she obtained her informations directly from Ted or other family members.

In a way she was very much like Ted, she kept appearances. According to a guard keeping a close eye on Ted during his mother’s visitations : “There was something chilling about how cold she was. In many ways, she talked like Ted. It was absolutely freaky, as if the two had sat down and collaborated on what they would say.” 

It’s also interesting to note that on the day of his death she hadn’t seen him in nearly 2 years.

A few journalists also thought that when talking about victims it was like she was reading off a script, it was robotic and she would always gives the exact same answers, almost word for word.

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