Cheryl Thomas Crime Scene


Cheryl Thomas was attacked during the night of January 15, 1978 in Tallahassee, Florida. Ted Bundy would later admit to Dorothy Lewis that Thomas was his primary target that night, and not the Chi Omega House.


Ted Bundy entered the apartment through the window pictured above, tearing down the kitchen window flyscreen, and knocking down a flower pot on his way in (photo below). Cheryl barely woke up at the noise, thinking it was her cat. 


Bundy assaulted her right away using a club. She survived the attack but sustained 5 skull fractures and lost her hearing of her left ear. She also had a broken jaw and a dislocated shoulder. 

Below is the club used by Bundy to assault Cheryl Thomas. The item was recovered on her bedroom floor along with the pantyhose mask found in her sheets.


Pictures Source : A Visual Timeline and my personal collection.

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