Top picture : Witness Nina Neary can be seen on the left of the picture while Ted Bundy’s lawyers are discussing with Judge Edward Cowart. Also pictured, Ted Bundy on the far right, observing.

Bottom picture : Ted Bundy and his attorney Margaret Good listening to the verdict.

After sentencing Bundy to death, and following the Chi Omega trial, Judge Edward Cowart reflected on his surprising kind farewell speech:

« It’s a tragedy » :

« I’ve felt it about many defendants. We see people in the worst possible posture. You think, they could have chosen another way. It goes through your mind – Why? Why? If we are ever going to come up with a concept of criminal deterrence, it’s going to come when we work with them prior to the time they get in trouble. »

Death Penalty :

« The killings were indeed heinous, atrocious and cruel in that they were extremely wicked, shockingly evil and vile… and the defendant has maintained a complete indifference to the commission of his acts. »

« Take care of yourself.»

« How can you say you don’t have compassion? I don’t want the man to commit suicide. I don’t think the man should give up the appellate process. I’ve sentenced many people. You can’t help but feeling sorry for them. I’m just not a person that hates. What can I tell you? »

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