Young Ted Bundy Pictures


“Ted as a toddler, sniffing an iris at his grandfather Sam Cowell’s Philadelphia home in 1948.”


“December 1949, Ted poses proudly with his sled and snowman.”


“Vacations at a New Jersey beach with his much-adored grandfather and his mother in 1950.”


“In the fall of 1950, cowboy-clad Ted displays his two favorite sets of wheels, a tricycle and a red wagon.”


“By December of 1953, Ted is tall enough to help decorate the family Christmas tree in the house in Tacoma, Washington.”


“Johnnie Bundy and Ted roast hot dogs in front of the family fireplace in 1953.”


“Ted proudly shows off his catch of the day after a fishing excursion to Port Defiance with his grandfather during a family visit in 1954.”


“The Bundy family picture taken at Christmas 1960 shows, left to right, Sandra, Glenn, Louise, Linda, and Ted.”

Source : Serial Killer by Time-Life.

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