Ted Bundy Victims – Utah State

Nancy Wilcox (16) – Outside her home in Holladay, Utah

Date : October 2, 1974

Ted abducted Nancy at knifepoint and supposedly killed her close to the scene of abduction in a orchard. He claimer to have buried her body in Capital Reef National Park but it was never found. Nancy Wilcox was a junior varsity cheerleader at Olympus High School.

Melissa Smith (17) – Midvale, Utah

Date : October 18, 1974

Melissa Smith was the daughter of Chief of Police, Louis Smith. Ted probably abducted her under the I-15 overpass after she left the Pepperoni Pizza to talk with a distressed friend. Her body was found on October 27, 1974 with a nylon stocking around her neck.

Laura Ann Aime (17) – Lehi, Utah

Date : October 31, 1974

Laura Aime was a horse lover and was known to be very independent. Her mother was worried about the past abductions and warned her about it. She was last seen at Robinson Park in American Fork. She probably willingly went into Ted’s car. Her body was found on November 27, 1974 in American Fork Canyon. She had bruises and lacerations as well as deep wounds to her head.

Deborah Jean Kent (17) – Viewmont High School parking lot in Bountifool, Utah

Date : November 8, 1974

Debra Kent was abducted on the parking lot of the school during a play with parents and students in attendance. Debra offered to pick up her brother while her parents finish watching the play. She never made it to the car. After attacking her, Ted came back inside the auditorium to avoid suspicion. Her body was never found.

Susan Curtis (15) – Provo, Utah

Date : June 27, 1975

Susan was a sophomore student at Woodscross High and agreed to attend the Bountiful Orchard Youth Conference at BYU with her sister. They had dinner together and Susan then went back to her dorm to brush her teeth while her sister was going to the Youth Conference. Susan was never seen again. Ted buried her body near Clarks Valley area.

Washington State Victims

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