It was the thrill of the hunt and the challenge. It was competitive for him in a very heinous way, obviously. His crimes transcended the needs to fulfill sex and violence. it was the psychological challenge or competition that he also enjoyed.

Most killers choose the victim then select the site. He selected the site previously because it was part of his long-range planning. He perceived it as an intellectual approach. He said going about killing someone is like going about any other task in life : you prepare yourself for it, you plan, you consider the consequences, the dangerousness of it and the thrill of it. All of it was part of a conscious decision he made in killing another human being.

He believed he would have killed even without pornography. He was preoccupied with killing – with or without the magazines. Pornography may have caused him to modify his crime scenes or to get victims to act in ways that he had seen in a magazine or a slasher movie.” – Bill Hagmaier

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