About Ted’s behavior during the Chi Omega trial :

Mike Minerva : Disruptive, in a word. Disruptive to the court. There were occasions during that time when I was there that Mr. Bundy refused to come out of his cell; he made demands on the defense team. He came into court sometimes dressed in a sweatshirt. Gave press interviews, badgered the defense team, calling them all hours of they day and night, making them do thing that were distracting from their participation in the case. He refused, or was unable to, or didn’t – I guess, was unable to – really focus on a theory of the case.

There was the constant interplay between Mr. Bundy and various counsel as to who would do what, and changing of mind as to what the strategy would be.

Jim Coleman : Now, did you have an opinion about whether Mr. Bundy was doing this solely to disrupt or whether this was something that was beyond his control?

MM : My opinion was that he was doing it because it was beyond his control, and I base that in part on what Dr. Tanay’s report had said, and the behavior of Mr. Bundy fit the predictions of Dr. Tanay.

JC : Do you believe that Mr. Bundy’s behavior at the trial affected the outcome of his case?

MM : Yes, sir.

JC : Did Mr. Bundy ever express to you a rational understanding of the evidence that the state had against him?

MM : No, sir.

JC : Did he ever appeared to appreciate the evidence, the significance of the evidence that the state had against him?

MM : Never.

As Mike Minerva testified, it was clear that it still bothered him after all these years that he hadn’t been able to save Ted from himself and prevent his death sentence. Sitting next to me at the defense table, Ted had tears in his eyes; it was evident to him as well.

Mike Minerva testimony at Ted’s competency hearing in October 1987

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