My favorite parts of The Riverman are Bob Keppel being bitter and salty about Ted and Bill Hagmaier’s relationship.

“As Ted entered the interview area, he recognized FBI Agent Bill Hagmaier standing behind me. Their right hands met each other at the same place on both sides of the glass windows, oddly like lovers greeting each other in visitation areas. I was struck by the friendly gesture between the nation’s most notorious serial killer and the FBI agent who represented his pursuers.”


Do you want to talk about the events leading up to Lynda Healy, the first one on Taylor Mountain, the area that we have on the record?” I asked plainly.

Ted gave a huge sigh, as if he was about to tell all, when he was interrupted by Diana Weiner. She apparently knew Ted was in trouble and intervened to rescue him. I was shocked by her interruption and even more shocked that FBI Agent Bill Hagmaier didn’t defend me and tell her to butt out. Ted trusted Bill to some extent, so I anticipated that Ted might have listened to him, but he said nothing. Whatever the substance of their conversation, when we continued Ted would not talk about murders when there wasn’t someone missing.

Ted said to them, “I mean, here’s what I’d like to do today. No, but I appreciate any advice I can get.” Hagmaier was still quiet. (….) Confidently, Ted regained his composure after I temporarily had him on the ropes, no thanks to Bill Hagmaier.”


“Since I had just received the Ted Bundy 101 lecture about the importance of why he did what he did, wasting more of my valuable time, I snapped back, “Okay, how is right for you, then? What do you want to do? I mean, we’ve got forty-five minutes.

Well, we’ve got forty-five minutes left.  And also, I haven’t spoken to Bill at all,” proclaimed Ted.

Not fully comprehending the rapport Bill Hagmaier had built up with Ted and what Ted was going to cover with Bill, I responded, “Well, Bill’s got a time with you tomorrow, and I don’t.””

Favorite Parts of The Riverman

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