Deseret News – November 22, 1977

Murder suspect Theodore Bundy, in his fifth day of an evidence suppression hearing, is personable, intelligent and a high escape risk, according to deputies who guard the former law student.

« Bundy can be personable when he wants to be, » said Sgt. Don Davis, of the Pitkin County Sheriff’s office.

Davis said Bundy engaged in a « light banter » at times with deputies, keeps abreast of current events and stays in shape by doing calisthenics. The deputy said Bundy keeps a supply of health foods and vitamins in his jail cell.

Bundy is allowed 20 hours of library time a week to study for his murder trial early next year, and reads newspapers and news magazines, said Davis.

He has become so adept at walking in leg shackles that Davis said he now periodically changes the length of the shackles to throw Bundy’s timing. Davis said Bundy recently beat a member of the jail staff in a race up a flight of stairs while he was wearing the shackles.

David said Bundy, who escaped by leaping from a courthouse window last summer is considered a high security risk and is kept under heavy guard.

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