Suspect ‘super nice’, say acquaintances

from the Seattle Times – Friday, October 3, 1975

Ted Bundy – « very bright …. ethical … super nice guy … an all-American boy. »

That was the picture that emerged here yesterday after the new broke that Bundy was charged in Salt Lake City with kidnapping and attempted murder in connection with the abduction of a teenage girl in Utah last November.

Those who knew Theodore R. Bundy, a University of Utah law student who was a special aide in the re-election campaign of Gov. Dan Evans in 1972, said the news, was hard to believe.

Bundy, 28, a former Tacoman who had lived in Seattle, in 1972 also was assistant director of the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Commission.

In January 1973, he was in the news as a hero, having chased and caught a man who snatched a woman’s purse in the Northgate parking lot.

« It just doesn’t make any sense, » said Ross Davis, chairman of the Republican State Central Committee. « I have a terrible time, personally, believing it. »

Bundy served as assistant to Davis in 1973. In Evans’ 1972 campaign, Bundy was assigned to attend appearances of Albert D. Rosellini, the Democratic nominee for governor, and report back to the Evans campaign camp on what the former governor was saying. It raised some accusations of « spying, » but Bundy said at the time there « was nothing clandestine or improper. »

Davis termed Bundy highly ethical.

« I’m just taken aback, » Davis said. « This is really a nice kid. It’s not the Ted Bundy I know. Either something happened to him in the meantime or somebody’s made a terrible mistake. »

Mrs. Frieda Roger, 4143 12th Ave. N. E., who rented a room to Bundy « at least four years » until he moved to Utah in August of 1974, said : « It shocked me to hear this. He was a nice man, a fine man. I can’t believe it. He was too nice a guy. »

Mrs. Patti Adams, who manages an apartment house near where Bundy lived in the University District, said :

« Ted was like a son to Mr. and Mrs. Roger. After Mr. Roger became ill, Ted mowed and took care of their yard and helped take care of Mr. Roger. »

Mrs. Adams described Bundy as « a very good looking young man who was super nice to all of us. » She said she knew him on a neighborly basis for about four years.

One of Mrs. Adams’ teenage sons added : « He was just an all-American boy. »

Ruth Yoneyanna, a friend of Bundy ’s who met him during the 1972 Evans campaign described Bundy as « a very kind, gentle, beautiful person. I just can’t believe it – I think it’s some kind of weird mistake, » she said.

In the Summer of 1974, Bundy worked as an intern at the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia. A friend who worked as an intern with Bundy said :

« I’m absolutely flabbergasted. He has impeccable taste. He’s a bright boy, intellectually astute, very political. »

Bundy’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bundy, 3214 N. 20th St., Tacoma expressed disbelief. Mrs Bundy said « It’s not believable. We’re just too upset to talk at all. »

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