In October 1975, Ted Bundy mailed a letter to Richard W. Larsen, Seattle Times political writer, asking him to publish it :

I address this letter to my many friends and acquaintances who have offered their prayers, concern and support on my behalf. When time permits, I shall do my best to reply personally to each of you.  You are truly beautiful people. Your encouragement is the light at the end of the tunnel.

I think of you constantly. I think of our beautiful state and the incomparable loveliness of our Seattle. The breathtaking vistas, which are for you a part of your daily life, are, for me, mind-woven tapestries which color they grey walls. I envy you.

The law is a curious animal. To a law student it becomes highly abstract and impersonal. To a defendant, in my position, it offers incredibly new perspective. The excesses of the system are slight in comparison to the protections it affords each of us, defendant or not. I have great confidence in its ultimate product: Justice.

God bless you,

Ted Bundy

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