February 16, 1978. Excerpt from the interview between a 3 police officers (Don Patchen, Steve Bodiford and  Norman Chapman) and Ted Bundy.

Q : State your full name and age, please.

A : Um, I’m 29.

Q : Ok. You just gave your age. You wish to remain anonymous… Is that correct?

A : Yes, sir.

Q : Ok. Before you answer any questions, or make any statement, you must fully understand your rights. You have the right to remain silent. Do you understand that?

A : Yeah, I understand.

(There was a lengthy reading of defendant rights.)

Q : Let’s go back to Tallahassee… and tell me how you obtained, uh, the car that, uh, you’d stolen…

A : Uh. Simply, uh, I was walking past it and happened to notice the keys in the ignition.

Q : Where were you when you noticed it?

A : I Don’t know the street name…

(There were questions about the car and the tag, or license plate, which was on the car.)

Q : Is this the tag that you stole ?

A : Well, it certainly looks like it. I didn’t memorize the license-plate number.

Q : Do you remember what type of car you got it off of?

A : Off a Volkswagen, I believe.

(He was asked about numerous identification and charge-account cards found in the car.)

Q : Did you steal all these identifications?

A : (Sigh) Uh, yes.

Q : …Do you recall where you got most of them from?

A : No, I don’t…

Q : How long of a period did you say it took you to obtain all these credits cards ?

A : Ummm, let’s see… Maybe a week, a week and a half.

Q : Do you recall who you took these from?

A : I really can’t tell you.

Q : Did you steal these cards ?

A : (Sigh) Yes, I did.

(There was a lengthy identification of the cards – Mastercharge, Gulf, Shell, Texaco, BankAmericard, others, with a variety of people’s names on them. Bundy recalled stealing them at various places – a supermarket, a shopping mall. Then the questioning let to the discovery of how Bundy planned to adopt a whole new identity in Florida.)

Q : Do you recall where you got the notebook?

A : I think it was in a car (in Tallahassee)…

Q : Ok (turning pages) All this writing inside, with Kenneth R. Meisner’s name and, uh, father’s name and mother’s name and high school … (are those) all entries from you?

A : Well, yes… I typed those in.

Q : I’m holding up a certificate of birth in the name of Kenneth Raymond Meisner (from the) Department of, uh, Health Services in Raleigh (N.C.). Do you remember this?

A : Yes I do.

Q : How did you obtain that?

A : I wrote for ‘em.

(More questions and answers suggested that Bundy had stolen a Florida State University student card owned by Meisner, then began to get other documents in Meisner’s name to create a new identity. Ironically, one of the first erroneous news reports which would come out incorrectly said Kenneth Meisner – who, in fact, was a member of the F.S.U. track team – was a suspect in the Chi Omega murders.)

Q : Have you done any other crimes in Tallahassee… other than steal credit cards and what have you.

A : Cars and cards …

Q : Do you recall stealing cards out of Sherrod’s ? It’s a bar they have around F.S.U.

(Patchen asked that question. Sherrod’s is next door to the Chi Omega house and police were wondering if the sorority house killer had been at that disco bar.)

A : Yes. I recall being there. Yeah.

Q : How would you obtain these cards ?

A : Cards. Well, they’d be in, like, purses would be under a … under a desk, a table or bench or something. And there’d be a large crowd of people. And I’d just take the pocketbook out of the purse. (He further explained he’d not broken in locked cars.

I’d (laugh). Yeah, I’m really an amateur all right. I don’t know how to hotwire a car… Any cars that I went into or car that I went into would be open ….

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