On Death Row, no man was more despised than Arthur Frederick Goode III, who raped and murdered two boys and gloated about it afterward. Goode spent all day on the bars, delivering running commentary on the “sexy” child actors on television, and he whimpered through the night. Eventually, after the inmates signed a petition demanding that Goode be moved off the row, he was relocated to the isolation cells of Q-wing. (…)

One day a lawyer named Joe Nursey traveled to death row to visit a client, the newly incarcerated serial killer Ted Bundy. As a favor to a softhearted friend, Nursey also agreed to see the despicable Freddy Goode. He met first with Goode, and for an hour the prisoner blabbered senselessly about a “bad one” who had somehow stolen into his cell and devoured his supply of cookies. Nursey nodded and smiled and let his mind drift. Christ, he thought, this guy is bizarre. At last the hour was over and Goode was led from the visiting room and Bundy was brought in.

At the time, Bundy was also living, temporarily, in an isolation cell on Q-wing. “Joe,” Bundy said after he settled into a chair, “I have a confession to make.Nursey braced himself. When Ted Bundy says he wants to confess something, God knows what’s coming next.

I’m in the cell next to Goode,” Bundy said. “And last night I talked him into giving me a cookie, and when he did – I feel really bad about this, see – well, I ate the whole box.” It was true :  A bad one had stolen Goode’s cookies. A very bad one, indeed.

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