“When I tried to turn our Death Row conversations to substantive issues, he hedged or lied outright to me. Not only did he have nothing exculpatory to offer us, not a single credible alibi for any of the killings, or even a supportable interpretation of the known facts, but he turned the interviews into a game of chutes and ladders, pleading a faulty memory at times, or lapsing into long, impenetrable silences.

Emotionally, Ted struck us both as a severe case of arrested development. From all that he said, and all that Hugh had learned of his past, he might as well have been a twelve-year-old, a precocious and bratty pre-adolescent. Whether a cause or a consequence of his condition, this apparent emotional retardation resulted in a diseased child’s mind directing the actions of an adult male body.

The childishness was so extreme that we were reminded of youngsters who will deny wrongdoing even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” – Stephen Michaud

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