In April 1968, Ted starts dating Cathy Swindler, Seattle Police Crimes Against Person’s Unit Captain Herb Swindler’s daughter, who, even though a Democrat, volunteered to work in the Draft Rockefeller headquarters in downtown Seattle.

Ted was the office manager and acted as her supervisor.

“He was very well dressed and well mannered. The kind of guy a girl my age would look at and just say wow! Sort of Kennedylike.

Ted had control of what he was doing. He was really poised. He was friendly. He was always smiling.He was terribly charismatic. Obviously, he was someone who had a great deal of compassion in dealing with other people.

He was a champion of causes. He was concerned about the situation of the blacks, of all minorities. And the poor. He was unhappy with the injustices of society, and he wanted to do something about them.

Ted Bundy was a figure that people met and loved. I mean, I thought I loved Ted Bundy. Not totally in a romantic way… but in terms of being moved by what he said and his feelings for other human beings…if you know him, you can’t help but have a great deal of affection for him as a human being.”

Ted Bundy and Cathy Swindler

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