I sat at a table in the judge’s chambers. On the other side of the table, close enough for me to reach across and touch him, sat Ted Bundy. He’s adorable, I thought, surprised at my first impression, because I’d pictured him in my mind as brooding, dark, intense. But he was all Ivy League charm, clean-cut, freshly shaved and showered, bright and eager. I could imagine him tossing a Frisbee on a California beach, or dressed in immaculate tennis whites, sipping a gin and tonic on the country club lawn while earnestly discussing his backhand. His face was almost square, with a strong, prominent jaw and cheeks chiseled by handsome smile lines. His forehead seemed permanently wrinkled, the thick layers of skin pushed up by well-formed eyebrows, raised in apparent contempt and disdain.“ – Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, who was called by Ted’s lawyer John O’Connell to help as an expert witness for the defense in the DaRonch Trial in 1976.

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