Bundy’s first motion for the Caryn Campbell trial was to have his handcuffs removed. Sergeant Ron Davies explained to the judge that his deputies had failed to screen the spectators.

No!Bundy screamed when they denied his motion. Bundy began slamming his hands on a table. Davis and a pair of deputies wrestled him to a basement cell. Hysterical, Bundy slipped his shackles around a door jam and snapped the chain.

That’s when I saw another Ted Bundy,” Davis said later. “He’s strong-willed, good at keeping his emotion in, but when he met something unexpected, he became a little closer to the real Ted Bundy. He tried to bludgeon his way through.

That afternoon, Bundy returned to the courtroom to face Carol DaRonch.

I’ve had to listen to this woman four times and keep my mouth shut,” Bundy told Kevin O’Reilly, one of the lawyers appointed to assist him. “I’ve been waiting years for this. I want DaRonch.

If you hassle her for two hours, it could adversely affect an appeal in Utah,” O’Reilly warned. “You don’t have any cross-examination experience. It’s just personal with you.

You’re damn right it’s personal,” Bundy said. “This may be the last time I see Carol DaRonch.” Bundy strode up to DaRonch like Clarence Darrow.

Is it possible that the lineup pictures you were shown before had some effect?” Bundy asked.

No,” DaRonch answered.

Are you positive that I was your abductor?” he asked. “You’re not really sure I’m the man, are you?

Yes,” DaRonch said. “I’m sure. You can’t change your face.

Bundy fell back to the defense table.

You had to ask that one last question, didn’t you?” O’Reilly asked Bundy. – Rolling Stone, December 14, 1978

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