Ted Bundy : They had a tendency to just fit the general criteria of being young and fairly attractive (long pause) and alone. Too many people have bought this crap that all the girls were similar – hair about the same color, parted in the middle, close to same height, blah, blah, blah – but if you look at it, almost everything was dissimilar : time, place of disappearance, physical description… all of it. Physically, they were almost all different, but…

Hugh Aynesworth : But how would you know? Some of them look similar in the file photos. Other than height and weight, which did vary as much as anything, how could you cue so sure of their differences… unless you were there?

TB : (abruptly) You’re trying to weasel in where there is nothing to gain. I know about these victims because I’ve been accused of killing them… uh, most of them… and so I read everything I can get my hands on about the various cases. How in hell do you know all about the victims? How do I know you weren’t there, old buddy! 

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