Ted Bundy and Leslie Knudson

June 1975Carol Booth introduces Ted to her girlfriend Leslie Knudson—a school teacher aged 31 who has a 7-year old son Josh—at a party hosted by Paul Van Dam, a Salt Lake County prosecutor. Ted and Leslie begin dating about a week later (up until August 1975). Ted plays a similar role as he did with Liz and her daughter. Regarding
Ted, Knudson said she viewed him initially as fairly sociable, although somewhat aloof. She claims that at the party he did not drink much and seemed quite nice.
She stated their dates consisted of going to drive-in movies. She said Ted would always include Josh on their dates together. She indicated that Ted began drinking more heavily during the course of their dates together over the summer and that she became very concerned over this. She stated that on one occasion he drank so heavily that he passed out on her living room floor. She claims that other
than that he did not seem particularly unusual. She admitted that they had sexual intercourse on several occasions, but she stated, “In my opinion, they were normal relations.” She indicated she broke off relations with Ted because he became so moody and depressed that she did not want to continue the relationship. She stated he began wandering around verbally and physically, and told her on one
occasion that, “My world is falling apart.” She stated that he frequently talked about Liz and how she lost respect for him because he had been dating other girls while engaged to her. She stated that he told her on some occasions that he had political aspirations and wanted to be Governor of Washington State.
Carol Booth made a point of telling authorities that she had never seen someone so obsessed with cleaning their apartment as Ted. – A Visual Timeline

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