On July 04, 1974, Ted and Liz went rafting when Ted pushed Liz into the waters

“About an hour later, I was sitting on the edge of the raft, paying attention to nothing in particular, when suddenly and without warning, Ted lunged at me, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me into the river. The plunge into the icy water took my breath away. I came up sputtering and grabbed the rope on the edge of the raft, too dazed for the moment to do more than hang on. I looked up at Ted and our eyes locked. His face had gone blank, as though he was not there at all. I had a sense that he wasn’t seeing me. I struggled to pull myself into the raft. He didn’t move, he didn’t speak. I could find no expression on his face.Why do you have to ruin everything?” I began when I could finally talk. “That’s not funny at all.He still looked at me as if I were a stranger. Then he looked away and said, “It was no big deal. Can’t you take a joke?”” – The Phantom Prince

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