Ted on the possibility for The Green River Killer to stop : “No! Not unless he was born again and got filled with the Holy Spirit in a very real way. He’s either moved, he’s dead, or he’s doing something very different. My feelings are this! There’s no question in my mind, if he’s straightened up, he’s changed his victim class just a little, dealing with runaways, generally, rather than prostitutes specifically. He broadened out a little bit more just to deal with runaways and delinquents, was more careful in the way he disposed of their bodies, and there’s no question that this explains the apparent drop-off. And I’ve thought of it every way that I could – days of the week, frequency by month, any intense periods, more intense than others – things like this. And you were still finding people when he was still killing. For instance, he appears, and there’s no guarantee of course, to have begun in July of eighty-two, and you’ve gone over this a thousand times, but forgive me if I’m boring you!”

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